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The Health Benefits of Orange Juice

For everyday use, orange juice can be extracted using different methods. One method is to cut the orange fruit into several pieces, and allow the pieces to sit in water for several hours. After this time, strain the orange juice out of each piece. The resulting orange juice will have higher vitamin C content.

Another method is to use the concentrate. This is basically just like juicing except you are adding a concentrated form of orange juice instead of the fruit juice. You can get concentrated orange juice at many places. The concentration process does not change the taste of the orange juice. It just increases the concentration of vitamin C. You do, however, need to make sure that the concentrate is at the right strength before applying it to your food.

Vitamin C rich fruit juices must go through a special, heat-treatment called pasteurization to kill any living organisms. There are some different methods used in the pasteurization process. One method is called immersion cooking, where the orange juice is placed in a pot with boiling water. The heat gradually warms up the pulp. Then the steam is released and the mixture is transferred to a cooling vessel where the contents cool very quickly.

Pasteurization also uses a lower concentration of the vitamin C because in the first step of the concentration process, the orange juice is heated, the sugar is heated and then the acidity is reduced. In the second step, the sugar and acid are both removed, allowing for the concentrated orange juice to be separated from the solids by the coldness of the final stage of the process. The most common type of pasteurization used today is called the reverse osmosis process. It works very well but has also been found to be less effective in treating oranges with a higher concentration of vitamin C in them.

Some people will elect to let their oranges go through a purification process instead of a concentration process. This is when the concentrated juice is extracted from the peel without ever heating it beyond about 150 degrees F. The juices stay better longer and have a stronger flavor. But you should watch for bad flavors and the concentration of the juice may be too high if this is done without the proper equipment. The concentrate should be no more than one-half the volume of the peel, because if it is too much juice extracted, it will turn bad. You want to leave some of the juice on the orange to add some color and body.

Orange fruit juice is great for healthy benefits. Many people don't realize how many health benefits come from the little orange peel they can get from an orange. People are often surprised to find out that orange juice can provide a lot of the antioxidant, vitamin C and natural sugar. Because of all of those antioxidants, orange juice can help prevent cancer, prevent stroke and even reduce the risk of certain types of heart disease. Plus, it's very sweet, so we don't tend to think about not drinking it because of the sugar content!

There are a couple of things that you should keep in mind when looking at the health benefits of orange juice. The first is that it is very sweet, so you may want to watch the amount of sugar you include. The second is that it has high concentrations of antioxidants, so it could help to reduce your risk of some cancers and heart disease. When you do this, you could help to improve your overall health!

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